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Ascendent ID’s long range RFID readers and tags are an integral part of efficient and convenient Automatic Vehicle Identification systems for vehicle access control. Ascendent ID’s long range RFID tags are mounted on the inside of the windshield. As a tagged vehicle approaches the gate, the reader captures the unique tag identification number and triggers the gate when an authorized tag is read. Ascendent ID’s readers support a variety of common interfaces including 26 bit Wiegand, RS-232, RS-485, and more.

Ascendent ID’s optional security-enabled tag prevents unauthorized use in the event that it is removed from the vehicle. Since a single Ascendent ID reader can support multiple, adjacent entry or exit lanes, the incremental cost per lane is significantly reduced. The read range can be adjusted to fit the application; longer range for areas requiring early gate trigger, and shorter range for exacting control of traffic flow. Since Ascendent ID’s tags have unique identification numbers, our systems can help keep automated records of entry and exit times for security and billing purposes.