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Yard Management
Ascendent ID’s yard management systems utilize long range RFID readers and tags to quickly identify the location of trailers, vehicles, containers or other assets within your yard. Our systems virtually eliminate time spent locating yard inventory.

Vehicle Access Control
With Ascendent ID readers and tags, granting access to authorized vehicles for parking garages, gated communities, military bases, and other secured areas is dramatically simplified. Ascendent ID’s Automatic Vehicle Identification systems keep traffic moving and allow attendants to focus on real security concerns and customer service.

Toll Roads
Use of Ascendent ID's tags for Automatic Vehicle Identification prevents costly backups and provides commuters the ultimate in convenience for real-time verification of tolls paid. Ascendent ID's electronic tolling systems promote traffic efficiency since tags are read reliably at freeway speeds.

Automated Truck Scales
Eliminate the waiting time for the scale house operator to enter unique load information. With Ascendent ID’s long range RFID system for truck scale automation, load specific information is recorded without the time and errors associated with manual entry.

Load Tracking
Use Ascendent ID’s system to quickly track material moving from point to point. Ascendent ID’s Automatic Vehicle Identification systems reduce data entry errors and ensure consistent capture of the required information. Our automated systems provide utilization and efficiency reporting to help identify bottlenecks and boost productivity.