Ascendent ID’s 6 zone long range RFID readers provide the functionality of up to six separate single zone readers. Available in 6 Zone or 3 Zone versions, Ascendent ID’s readers provide discrete control and adjustable range of each zone for numerous applications for Automatic Vehicle Identification. For example, if the desired result is for tags in Zone 1 to be read from 30 feet and the tags in Zone 2 to be read from only 15 feet way, the installer can simply adjust the output power of each zone to achieve the desired result. For electronic tolling, a 6 zone reader can be configured to support six separate toll lanes. For fuel authorization, a single 6 Zone reader can automate up to 6 individual pumps. Each zone is configured to authorize a single pump, and Ascendent ID’s advanced reader-to-tag protocol provides the most exacting and precise control based on the amount of time that has elapsed since the tag entered or has left the read zone. Because Ascendent ID’s readers operate at 2.45GHz, the wavelength is shorter than that of lower frequency RFID systems, resulting in a more directional signal, smaller antennas, and isolation between the zones. Ascendent ID’s readers support multiple interfaces including RS232, RS485, and Wiegand. Additional interfaces are available using a variety of readily available interface converters.