Ascendent ID’s CompacTag 2045 is ideal for gated residential communities, monthly parking facilities, hospitals, resorts, and other Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) applications. Ascendent ID’s CompacTag 2045 is available with an optional security feature which disables the tag and prevents unauthorized use in the event the tag is removed from the original installation. The small and unobtrusive size of the CompacTag 2045 provides versatility in a wide variety of applications, with reliable read distances of up to 40 feet. Since Ascendent ID’s long range RFID tags only use the battery to power the chip, and not transmit the tag information, our CompacTag 2045 has an expected life of 6 years in typical installations. The CompacTag 2045 features a 20 digit rewriteable tag identification number, 256 bytes of rewriteable memory, and complete support of Ascendent ID’s sophisticated reader-to-tag protocol.