Identical in functionality to the 6 Zone RFID reader, only with fewer zones, Ascendent ID’s 3 zone readers are a less expensive option for applications that do not require 6 separate read zones. Like the 6 Zone readers, Ascendent ID’s 3 Zone RFID readers provide discrete control and adjustable range of each zone. For many gated applications, such as gated residential communities or garages that offer monthly parking passes, the 3 zone reader can be the perfect solution to control two inbound and one outbound lane of a parking complex, truck yards, automated weigh scales or any combination of inbound and outbound lanes for a variety of Automatic Vehicle Identification applications. Since the transmit and receive antennas are not integrated as part of Ascendent ID’s readers, this gives installers the flexibility to position the reader in a secure and convenient location, and mount the antennas in the optimum location for the read to occur. Because Ascendent ID’s long range RFID readers operate at 2.45GHz, the wavelength is shorter than that of lower frequency RFID systems, resulting in a more direction signal, smaller antennas, and better control of isolation between the zones. All of Ascendent ID’s readers support a variety of interfaces including RS232, RS485, and Wiegand. Additional interfaces are available using a variety of readily available interface converters.