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Ascendent ID's family of long range RFID includes 3 and 6 Zone readers, a variety of tags, and application-specific software. All of Ascendent ID's long range RFID tags can be read with either the 3 Zone or 6 Zone readers, giving you the greatest flexibility to match the readers and tags with your unique Automatic Vehicle Identification requirements. Since Ascendent ID's readers contain a powerful processor and memory, tag data can be processed and formatted to match almost any requirement. In many instances, this can eliminate the need for a separate PC at the reader location to process the data and evoke the desired response; such as triggering a gate, controlling an indicator, or displaying the desired text. Ascendent ID's RFID readers and tags can support many advanced features for the ultimate in control of when the tags are read including the distance at which the tag is read; user definable tag identification numbers; and a write, read, and rewritable tag memory.